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    How do the time slots offered by hotels work?
    Arrival and departure times vary according to the hotels. The earliest arrival time and latest departure time are indicated in each hotel's form and cannot be changed. Your room will not be available before this arrival time and you must leave your room before the maximum departure time.
    The arrival time you entered when booking is only indicative, you are free to go to the hotel earlier or later in accordance with the time slot indicated on our offer. Your room is kept for you until the end of the time slot. For late bookings, it is important to inform promptly in case of delay or cancellation, so that the hotel can rent the room for the night.

    How can I find my booking number?
    Your booking number can be found in the booking confirmation sent by email. If you have a customer account, you can also find this number in the tab "My bookings".
    If you do not have an account yet, please contact our customer service by phone and they will provide you with this information.

    What is your cancellation policy ?
    According to the type of booking you made through our platform, there are different cancellation policies:
    - For standard dayuse bookings, you can cancel For Free anytime before the beginning of the purchased time slot
    - When you are required to prepay your dayuse booking fees, you can cancel your booking anytime before the beginning of the purchased time slot, however, the booking fees are not refundable.
    - When booking a night, the terms and conditions are visible directly on the offer.

    WARNING : If you don’t show up at the hotel without cancelling your booking, you will be required to provide a credit card as a guarantee for your future bookings .

    How to cancel my booking?
    You have multiple areas to cancel your booking:
    - On your confirmation email
    - At the bottom of the platform, click on "cancel my reservation" and provide your booking number and email or telephone number to complete the cancellation
    - If you booked using a dayuse account, you can cancel your booking using the section 'My bookings'.
    If you don’t show up at the hotel without cancelling your booking, we will consider the booking as a “No-Show” and you won’t be able to book again through our website without a credit card. You will have to provide a credit card to guarantee your further bookings.

    Amend my booking (Date & information)
    You have the option to modify your arrival time and to communicate a specific request to the hotel by clicking on the Edit button on your email booking confirmation.
    If you wish to modify your booking on any other elements (arrival date, hotel or personal information) please contact our customer service at

    Why does the hotel I want to book require a credit card payment?
    On our daytime offers, some hotels have chosen to require a credit card to guarantee the booking.
    Only the booking fees (from 2 to 7 euros) will be charged when the booking is made. The rest of the payment will have to be made directly at the hotel.
    If it is an availability request, a pre-authorisation will be requested on your payment method. You will only be charged once the hotel has confirmed your booking.

    WARNING : These booking fees are not refundable if you cancel your booking.
    You can still book without a credit card with 100% free cancellation on a wide selection of hotels
    On our overnight offers, the full amount must be paid when booking by credit card.
    To consult the cancellation and refund conditions, please refer to the "Hotel Conditions" section on the hotel form.

    No credit card required for my booking, is my booking firm?
    Don't worry, even though some hotels don't require a credit card, your booking is still guaranteed.
    Once you booked your hotel room, simply present yourself at the hotel on the day of the booking. Provide, the confirmation email and/or your first and last name.
    It is possible that the hotel asks for a credit card upon Check-in, this will be used as a guarantee.
    As soon as you receive your confirmation, the booking number is a guarantee that your booking is firm and final.

    How can I book a hotel with my family ?
    At, it is our mission to connect travelers with our hotel partners from around the globe to create tailor-made offers to suit their needs and wishes.
    We especially know how hard it can be to travel with a family, this is why we invite you to contact our customer support so that they can find the best hotel and offer for you and your family.

  • My booking

    What is included in the price?
    The pricing of a dayuse room includes the rent of a room for a given period of time (check-in time to check-out time). You may check-in anytime during the time slot you have booked.
    Most of our partners offer the same access to their facilities than for night clientele. In case of any doubt, please feel free to contact our customer service.
    Please note that extra taxes and fees may be required.
    This information is indicated in the price details section

    What does the percentage next to the price mean?
    This is the discount rate we negotiated for you, on the average annual base price per night announced by the hotel.
    This way, Dayuse allows you to pay the right price for your day stay at the hotel.

    How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
    Once the booking form is completed, the confirmation page appears. You will then receive an email with the details of your booking and its booking number.
    In case of any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

    What is the purpose of the text message sent when booking?
    A validation code (between four and five digits) may be required to confirm the booking. It allows you to finalize your booking and forward it to the hotel.
    However, you can request to receive this validation code by e-mail.

    WARNING :The code received is not a confirmation of your booking. The confirmation will be sent to you by email, it includes your booking number and guarantee that your booking has been registered in our systems.

    Do I need to bring a booking confirmation to the hotel?
    When you finalize your booking on Dayuse, the hotel is immediately notified of your booking and will integrate it into their system quickly.
    However, presenting the booking confirmation may be useful in saving time during check-in.

    I was charged while the hotel refused my booking request.
    Don't worry, it's not a withdrawal but a pre-authorization. It verifies that the credit card is valid (and has not been reported stolen or lost) and that the amount needed to cover the transaction is available.
    This amount may appear as an ongoing transaction on your account statement. However, it will disappear within 7 days and the amount will not be deducted.

    Room amenities
    You will find the room amenities information on the offer by clicking on "See Details" and on the "Hotel Amenities" section
    Some room amenities may be only accessible upon request and would be subject to availability.
    Please be advised that rooms may be equipped with either a Double bed or two Twin beds. Please specify in the specific request section which one you would prefer, the hotel will do their utmost to provide you with your preferred bed type. Also, Double rooms will be equipped with either a shower OR a bathtub.
    Images of hotel rooms are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily depict the actual room that you will be staying in. The offer is based on the room category only.
    Please feel free to note your special requests in the comment section, the hotel will do their utmost to accommodate your request.

    Can I book a night on
    "Yes, you may book nights through the platform. These offers are marked with a moon logo."
    To check the offer conditions, please refer to the detail section of the offer.
    Please note that the terms and conditions can be different depending on the hotel. Payment will be requested upon finalising the booking.

    My booking does not appear in my customer account
    When you make a booking without being connected to your account but using the same information associated with your account (email address and/or phone number), this booking will not be displayed in your account's booking history.
    Please also note that bookings made by calling our customer service line cannot be linked to any customer account.
    If your problem does not fall into one of the above categories, you can always contact our customer service by phone or email at

  • Privacy

    Privacy Policy
    At we guarantee discreet bookings for our guests.
    The information shared between the hotel,, and the guest is limited to the guest's full name and arrival date only.
    All other information is not communicated to the hotel.
    Your phone number will be used only for mandatory information or urgency and will be used with total discretion.
    Please do note that due to some country's legislation, hotels can be legally required to record a government-issued photo identification (ID, passport or driver's license) of all guests.

    Deactivate a customer account
    To deactivate your customer account, please contact our customer service by phone or email at
    Personal information may be requested to verify that you are the account holder.

    How to unsubscribe from our newsletter ?
    To unsubscribe from our marketing emails, you can:
    - click on the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any marketing email received.
    - Log in to your account, go to 'Edit my info', in 'Newsletter preferences' uncheck the box 'Get the latest news from the best hotels in the world, tips on choosing the right hotel for you and Dayuse's great deals.' and click on 'Update'.
    If you unsubscribe from marketing emails, you will still receive emails about your upcoming trips and account updates.

  • Conditions

    ID requirements
    Most of the hotels on the platform will require Identification upon check-in for you and your guest. This follows the country's specific internal regulations.
    For your information, it is mandatory to be over 18 years old to book a dayuse room (please note that most of the hotels in the USA require guests to be at least 21 years of age to book a dayuse). The hotel reception may ask for a valid ID in case of doubt concerning the age of you and your guest.

    Security Deposit
    Some hotels require a security deposit or incidental charge upon check-in.
    The amount will be returned upon check-out if you did not incur any extra charges during your stay. This deposit can be paid by cash or pre-authorization (with a credit card) depending on the hotel.
    A deposit paid cash will be returned at the end of the dayuse.
    A pre-authorization will be returned within 3 to 5 working days.
    Please feel free to contact our customer service if you require further information about specific hotel policies.

    What is the customer account for?
    The customer account allows you to:
    - Save time when booking
    - Bookmark your favourite hotels
    - View your booking history

    Upon check-in, what are my payment options for the room?
    In most of our hotels, you can pay in cash or by credit/debit card (unless otherwise mentioned in the hotel page or offer)
    You can pay with a different credit card than the one used when booking.
    For other means of payment, it is at the hotel's discretion. For more information, please contact our customer service.

    Maximum room occupancy
    Our daytime hotel offers are generally available for a maximum of 2 people. (unless mentioned in the offer).
    Generally, the rooms can accommodate additional children. We invite you to call our customer service department so that they can process this request.

  • Specific requests

    Is it possible to book a dayuse for a photo shoot?
    Yes, it is possible.
    On the other hand, it is mandatory to contact us (by email or telephone) before booking so that we can ask the hotel's consent.
    It will then be necessary to specify a certain amount of information about the photoshoot including:
    - The type of photos
    - The purpose
    - Any specific requests
    - The number of people
    Prior to contacting our team, please make sure you have pre-selected the hotel according to its offer (time slot and room category).

    How do I know if the hotel has parking?
    Some hotels offer free or paid parking.
    You will find this information in the list of amenities on the hotel's description page.
    Upon check-in at the hotel you may ask for a place at the reception. (Attention: some hotels have a car park but the number of spaces is limited, so it is not always accessible to all hotel guests).

    #REF! Dayuse has created a dedicated booking platform "" for its partners to give them access to additional functionalities.
    To access it, contact Katia Handschuh @
    How to use the Dayuse Business booking platform: we invite you to take a look at this brief video of the platform.
    What payment methods are available?
    There are two methods of payment available on the platform:
    * Payment by virtual card: Generate your virtual card though your own payment service provider and insert the virtual card information when confirming the booking. A payment document will be automatically sent to the hotel.
    * Payment on site by the traveler during the check-in: no prepayment or credit card guarantee is needed. The room is guaranteed by Dayuse.

  • Experience

    Customer complaints
    We're here for you.
    We work hard with our hotel partners to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Nevertheless, issues may occur. In this case please report this by filling out our complaint form through the contact section
    We'll review it and contact you within 72 hours.
    To better assist you, please include:
    - Your booking number
    - Your First and Last name you used for the booking
    For immediate assistance, please contact us by phone.